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Our SGUSD McKinley Elementary PEP (Parents as Educational Partners, usually known as Parent Teacher Association or PTA) works to raise funds for school activities such as field trips and busing to these field trips for the school year. This is true for other schools in general as well. Generally, school districts get funding from the state and government for school staffing, teachers, and programs, but not for these extra activities for field trips.


This new PEP Wix website is our attempt to go digital. Our model for going digital is as follows.



Step 1

Navigate to https://sgusdmckinleypep.wixsite.com/website


Step 2

Navigate to “Contact”

Enter your name, email address, 2021-2022 School Member Passphrase, and your child’s Class Year in order to then get an “invitation email to register as a (PEP Wix site) Member”. Currently please allow 24 hours (later to be automated).


Step 3

Click invitation


Navigate to “Members”


Step 4

Navigate to “Groups”




Detail (same steps as above summary, but in detail)

Step 1

This site’s location is https://sgusdmckinleypep.wixsite.com/website

The address is Wix’s free offering site. For now, we won’t consume PEP funds to get a customized and dedicated domain name.


Step 2

Navigate to “Contact”

As first time McKinley parents, you will enter your contact info here in order to then get an “invitation email to register as a (PEP Wix site) Member”. This includes your name, email address, and the “2021-2022 School Member Passphrase”. Currently please allow 24 hours (later to be automated).


You will obtain this passphrase from your child’s or children’s teachers. The reason for this is to prevent wrong registrations because there are many McKinley elementary schools out there in other cities, and to keep our families safe from anyone registering from the internet on our site.


You will also enter your youngest child’s graduation year (for example 2027) for records cleanup. After the end of the school graduation year, records will be re-categorized as Alumni rather than to be deleted.


*Note: McKinley PEP won’t be able get your contact info from McKinley Elementary based on school policy, therefore we can gather your contact info if you wish to submit this to McKinley PEP.


Step 3

Click invitation and register

Navigate to “Members”


(PEP Wix site) Members can then later be able to, for example, click to purchase a digital ticket for Movie Night, get a QR code as their family’s ticket at the front door, helps PEP for planning headcount, helps PEP for planning food, drinks, and snacks, and helps toward the digital transformation (our children in their future careers will be building out and using such technologies and business operations).


(PEP Wix site) Members can then later be able to, for example, purchase McKinley t-shirts and goods from our digital online store. As we are a somewhat small manageable community, deliveries can be arranged to your child’s cubby in their teacher’s classroom.


*Note: For additional security, you won’t enter your credit card on the PEP Wix site, but rather your transactions use your secure Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet.



Step 4

Navigate to “Groups”


(PEP Wix site) Members can then later be able to browse and join their child’s teacher’s class in order to communicate with other parent Members. This can be for example, “Are other parents registering their children for the Mandarin or Spanish language class?”


Note: Although we have teacher staff attending our McKinley PEP meetings and may join as a (PEP Wix site) Member, this (PEP Wix site) Groups is not for communications with Parents and Teachers. Their employer, which is the school district, may require them to communicate only from their @sgusd.net email accounts. This is true for other schools in general as well.


*Note: Don’t worry, SGUSD McKinley PEP plans to transition from physical paper to digital in phases over time over some years. We will still keep our existing physical paper methods, and introduce digital methods. Some goals may be 75% physical paper method and 25% digital method for acceptance rate for the 2021-2022 school year. Then later 50% physical paper method and 50% digital method for the 2022-2023 school year.



The views and opinions expressed by SGUSD McKinley Elementary PEP are independent of San Gabriel Unified School District and McKinley Elementary School.

Get in Touch



1425 Manley Drive, San Gabriel, CA 91776

You are welcome to contact us either:

#1 to welovemckinley@gmail.com

#2 via bottom right Wix "Chat Support w/ PEP Team!" button

*Note: Your question can be routed to

English, Mandarin, Spanish, Fundraiser, and even McKinley merchandise online store team members


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